Resident Admissions


  • 58 or older
  • Homeless or at serious risk of becoming homeless
  • Not a danger to self or others. No abusive or threatening language or acts toward self or others. This is a house of safety, security, and peace. No one is allowed to deny this to any other resident.
  • Able to manage medications, daily health needs and other special needs independently or with minimal support.
  • Capable of living alone after completion of the program
  • Willing to attend and participate in weekly meetings as requested
  • Willing to actively work with staff on developing individualized plans and goals, and following up with staff to review and revise plans as needed
  • Willing to work toward positive personal change as a result of participation in Renewal House     


Please contact Carolyn L. Marston, Program Manager for more information regarding admission.


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Success Story



I was staying with my cousin, her six children and husband and it was crowded.  She saw the Renewal House sign at the hairdresser, so I gave Karen Messina a call.

It felt bad to be older and not have a place of my own; I had a part time job and was under a doctor’s care.  I was not on disability yet.  My knee was acting up badly and it was hard to get around.  Apartments were sky high and it was hard for me to get around to see them.  Driving was stressful for me so I turned my license in.

When I found Renewal House, it was a blessing for me.  I made friends with the other residents.  We had Bible Study and monthly house meetings.  I became more interested in the things that were going on here.

I cooked whatever I wanted once a week.  We all pitched in to do chores and dishes.  We all got along very good.  It was just like another family.

I have four children of my own, twelve grandchildren and became great, great grandmother last August.


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